Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Voices from Cyberspace #eduMOOC

I am so excited to see that two fellow MOOC participants, Vanessa Vaile and Paul Bettinson, posted comments to my blog. I feel so...validated!

Today was "get organized" day. I joined the social bookmarking site Diigo (thank you, Jason Rhodes) and bookmarked a bunch of webpages for journals, orgs, open schools, and public domain stuff. Read (and joined more) wikis and tweets.

I also began considering the question of my personal learning objectives for this MOOC, per my last post, and came up with the following.

  • I will bookmark links and resources with Diigo, and later organize these into lists and read them to see how I can utilize them on my path to facilitating adult education.

  • What I hope to get from this MOOC is: resources, contacts, and the building blocks to construct my PLN.

Concerning the question of where I think I am on the continuum of online learning: I would like to begin by constructing a definition of online learning that is meaningful to me. What I've come up with so far is:

Online learning consists of a structure set up by an instructor/facilitator (LMS, virtual microworld, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, podcasts, Prezi, Moodle, etc.) informed by his/her PLN, plus students who utilize online tools and share their PLNs amongst themselves and with their instructor, to achieve learning objectives that promote transformative learning and self-directed learning. I will continue to refine this definition during the course of the MOOC.

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