Wednesday, June 29, 2011

eduMOOC in a Virtual World? #eduMOOC

As a devoted Second Life junkie, I have been envisioning what it would like if this MOOC had been staged in Second Life. Perhaps having visual references to peg to would help alleviate some of the over-stimulation of multiple threads, posts, resources, links, videos, etc.

I worked up a little 2D map of some of the major touchpoints I've encountered so far at (in?) the eduMOOC, and would love to hear any critiques/suggestions/reactions to this idea. If there is enough interest, I may convert some of my rented virtual real estate in Second Life into a mock-up of what this MOOC might look like if it were housed in SL.

Personally, the idea of one's avatar strolling across the quad from the learning carrels to the mLearning cafe, and greeting/speaking with other avatars along the way, sounds fun! Or am I just being silly?


  1. Congratulations on your records. I will follow your blog because I am interested in learning about the pedagogical use of MOOC.

    I'm also making personal records, if you're interested in seeing, please

  2. I like the diagram! The visualization of resources and possible activities does help clarify things a bit. The idea of Second Life interaction is intriguing... I don't have a lot of experience with it but do see how "strolling across the quad" could lead to meeting other participants individually instead of in groups. Nice post! - Melissa

  3. @Luiz - Gracias, Luiz, for following my blog! I have bookmarked yours and will apply my ancient high school Spanish to the best of its abilities :) As an aspiring adult educator, I am very interested in picking up any I can from this MOOC that may apply. OER definitely interests me!

  4. @Melissa - thank you for the kind words! Second Life has a very interesting array of virtual campuses, museums, and learning opportunities. If you don't have much experience in SL, I would be happy to show you the ropes. There are several virtual campuses, both those sponsored by traditional schools (like Colorado State U) and others.