Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Embarrassment of Resources

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and rather excited about this MOOC. Today I scanned digests of emails and garnered quite a few links to check out, including:

Links to tools:
Social bookmarking
Constructing learning objectives
Aligning objectives with learning strategies and assessment
Building rubrics
Quality Matters

Links to blogs:
Michelle Pacansky-Brock's blog on building learning communities with social media
Rebecca Hogue's blog entries re MOOC learning objectives
Brian Christensen's blog on digital teaching and learning

Emails to people with interests similar to mine (community education, humanities teaching online, self-directed learning):
Vanessa Vaile - interested in applications for online community learning and self-paced study groups - vcrary@yahoo.com
Paul Bettinson - interested in e-learning in interactive art courses - paul.bettinson@gmail.com

AND yet another book to add to my reading pile: Jane McGonigal's Reality Is Broken, recommended by Norman Constantine (bufnet@verizon.net)

I also need to address the question of my personal learning objectives for this MOOC. Guiding statements from fellow participants include: "...learners can determine what to do with the given links and resources (objectives/activities), what they want to get out of the unit/learning experience (outcomes), and how to measure their own success (assessments)" - Clark Shah-Nelson and "...evaluate where I think I am on the continuum of the huge topic of online learning" (James Davis).

Um, I think that's enough for today....


  1. Thank you kindly for the interest - I better not spend all my words in group and save some for blogging. Wish I had done what you are doing here my first MOOC (which, to multiply confusion, I started two weeks in). Being overwhelmed is the norm. After a couple, you'll have a better idea how to pack for the trip (there's a post title), plan tentative itinerary - everyone does it differently.

    Dave Ferguson blogged his first MOOC, starting with "Plunked into PLENK." You'll find his comments both familiar and heartening. The other Dave, Cormier, who did the what/how mooc videos, has also blogged "mooc adjustment" and reflections on Dave's Educational Blog.

    I still have to remind myself that I can't read everything

  2. Hei Vanessa!

    Paul B. here. You have inspired me already with your comments over at eduMOOC2011 and also with this initiative to have a blog site focusing only on the course - I too will do the same to keep track of learning :)

    The eduMOOC is also new to me and I seem to be enjoying this floating sense of non-cemented (lack of) objectives. On a Blooms taxonomy we see that to Create is a higher form of learning so maybe in the creation of our own learning we are in the right space to for efficient and valuable knowledge attribution!?

    I very much enjoy your writing style at the moment Vanessa, it is to-the-point with underlying humor and with some great summaries and links from the course!

    It will be good to keep in discussion with you to explore new avenues of learning in new spaces, especially if you share interests of interactive art courses - bring on artMOOC2012 :)